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Success Stories

*   In January of 2011, I was having back pain.  I went to see Dr. Ben for treatment.  The pain would go away for a while, then come back.  I took 15 chiropractic adjustments and therapy over a six month period and the pain was still there.

Then, Dr. Ben talked to me about Nutrition Response Testing.  I was treated and put on a natural health improvement program.  I was given specific clinical nutrition to handle my bodies areas of stress as determined from the test. 

After a week, I was off of hormones that I thought I needed. I also stopped taking all of the over the counter pills I thought I needed. I also thought that having a bowl movement once a week was normal, now, its once a day and my body feels so different and so good! The back pain is almost gone and its only been three weeks, that I’m on the program.

Can’t wait to see how good I’m going to feel later! Who would have thought, going for back pain would have helped me with so much more.

Again, thanks Dr. Ben for making me Feel Great!!      “D.G.”

 *   I had develop shingles in my head on December 11, 2010 from stress and my diabetes. I was on vicodine and nothing would cut the pain. I also took for five days some anti viral medicine which i couldn't continue because it would mess with my kidneys. So I decided to come see Dr. Ben and have the nutrition response testing done. Dr. Ben did the testing and gave me some immune supplements to take this was on December 22, 2010. I started them and by December 26, 2010  my pain was gone. I started improving everyday more and more.
Everyday has been an improvement and since Jan. 2, 2011 the blister scab has fallen off and I'm healing wonderful. I truly believe the immune supplements have contributed dramatically in my speedy recovery. ML
 *   I had a pulled muscle in my back. The pain was present for nearly two weeks.
After the first treatment there was no improvement. I knew I had to be patience. By the third day the pain had decreased to nearly nothing. MB
*    I was suffering back pain for a few years, taking Advil every night to get sleep. I had symptoms of arthritis and also fatigue. Two are three days a week where I could not get even housework accomplished.
I thank God and Dr. Ben Savoie for getting involved in this program, because now I have so much energy that I am getting lots of  work accomplished and I am now playing tennis which I haven't done in 26 years. Last year I attempted to try playing and only got two swings then suffered pain. I also have the energy and pain free. Starting an exercise program.
*    I went to Dr. Savoie originally to learn about Nutritional Resistance. I've always felt my body wasn't at its peak something was off. I also had hip pain from exercising and bursitis in both my shoulders.
I am the biggest skeptic, but after one visit with Dr. Savoie I have a whole new appreciation for his profession and my body. We are finding items that my body reacts to negatively, and trying to correct those imbalances. In the mean time my hip pain has gone and the bursitis has dulled, and all because of what I put into my body, or  my environment. I'm looking forward to this whole process. JI
*    Energy level was low. I had pain in my knees, had a large appetite and a sweet tooth.
Since I've been on the program my over all health has improved. My energy level has gone up. Knee pain has gone away. My appetite has lessen, my need for sweets has also lessened. Overall improvement! AD    

* I'm a 43 year old and consider myself still very active. I am high school science teacher, I jog at least two times a week, bowl in a league, play guitar in a band, and mens's leagure softball. On the last day of the school year at the end of May, I was helping move a desk from one classroom to another with a co-worker. The following day my lower back began hurting. I thought it was simply sore muscules and continued my active lifestyle, however, the pain persisted. About 3 weeks later, the pain began shooting down my leg to my knee when I stood or moved to a certain position. A few days later, my wife had to help me walk from the sofa to the bathroom due to pain...only two months before I was running a 10K road race! I then decided, upon referral, to see Dr. Savoie.

X-rayes showed my spine was twisted and out of alignment, pinching my sciatic nerve and also manifesting itself in knee pain. Subsequent visits to Dr. Savoie reduced the pain to where I could walk normally again by his spinal adjustments. While this improvement was greatly appreciated, I still couldn't run or jog and bowling was a little difficult because of the persitent knee/backpain. Standing to teach for long periolds would be difficult.

Dr. Savoie then introduced the nutritional aspect of his practice. By running muscle testing, he deduced that my diet was lacking certain nutrients and that my body was not digesting properly... making my recovery from back/kneee pain slower. He then prescirbed supplements to take along with meals...and my visits included spinal adjustments and nutritional checks with muscle tests. After only 2 days, I noticed dramatic improvements in my knee/back! I can now walk, jog, run and function normally again! It contines to improve and I thank Dr. Savoie for all he has done to restore me to health. T.R.



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