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Your First Visit

The first appointment will be scheduled for 1.5 hours. This will allow enough time to complete a medical history and a functional physical examination. The clinical findings of your exam will be discussed with you on the following day. This will help you understand the underlying issues that are contributing to your health concerns and what is suggested for your plan of care.

Most patients want to know three things:

• Can You Help Me?

• How Long Will It Take?

• How Much Will It Cost?

There are little to no side effects and unnecessary lab tests are eliminated. Your body is different and unique, therefore specific approaches are tailored to meet your needs. In the first two months, the average client improves their health by over 50% and it usually costs less than your monthly health insurance premium.

The success rate of Nutrition Response Testing™ approaches 90%. Nutrition Response Testing™ does not cure the disease. But what does happen is our body starts to heal itself once the barriers or weaknesses are removed. Even the most complicated health problem can be figured out using this technique.

At Savoie Chiropractic and Nutritional Healing Center, our approach is different from the medical approach because we focus on improving health rather than trying to treat a disease.  Treat the cause rather than the symptom. As your health improves, so do your health problems. This is discussed in more detail if you click on the “Our Philosophy on Healing” tab.

Dallas Therapeutic Nutrition and Spine Center - Your First Visit

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