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Allergy Relief

Allergies are very disruptive to our wellbeing. The constant nagging on our bodies contributes to difficulties with our happiness and health. You can't perform your best if you have complaints like headaches, attitudes, pain, fatigue, nasal congestion, drainage, skin problems, asthma or COPD, nausea or digestive stress. Generally, an allergy is quietly doing harm without your knowledge.  Other times they have your immediate attention.

For the most part, allergies require a Healthcare Detective to identify the trouble makers and bring them to justice. The so called trouble makers have many disguises like preservatives, daily hygiene products, seasonal irritants, food chemistry, molds, spores, pollens, pet dander, chemicals, heavy metals, infectious agents, and toxins in food, air and water, to mention a few. Keep the pets. Get rid of the allergic sensitivities.

Without going into a lot of detail about the common lab methods used today to identify allergies, most have shortcomings and often lead to nowhere. Our office uses effective, no-needle testing. Teamwork from your practitioner and yourself is needed in order to properly identify short and long term problems. Our testing methods and treatments are educational and enjoyable. Your struggles can be identified by Dr. Savoie at Savoie Chiropractic and Nutritional Center.

Dr. Savoie places allergy relief at the forefront of your plan of care and realizes that proper identification and treatment are essential to you reaching your health goals. Take time to finally get answers to your health issues. Expect the best.

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